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Rebuild your teeth while you brush. Just like NASA

2-in-1 Nano Hydroxyapatite (nHAp), fluoride free toothpaste for superior tooth remineralization, tooth sensitivity relieve and filling of caries. Aiding your mouth in healing damaged gums and canker sores.

Karmicare contains scientific, proven nootropics (cognitive enhancers) and minerals, that even NASA uses.

With ingredients like Guarana and Valerian, Karmicare syncs with your body’s sleep/wake cycles, while superiorly remineralizing your teeth, and purifying your mouth day in, day out. And does it with all-natural, bio-compatible minerals.

Belgium's best sommeliers opt in for Karmicare, the toothpaste that gets rid of tooth and mouth problems

Biorhythmic oral health


Wake and sleep as you should

Nootropics blended with herbs and essential oils help keep your circadian rhythm in sync

An oral bulletproof vest

Recharge your teeth. Refill forming caries and repair minor lesions with Hydroxyapatite*

Bite your ice cream

Not only is Karmicare 100% nasty-free, it fixes hypersensitivity by plugging dentinal tubules, instead of numbing your nerves

*Keep reading and learn about the superior Hydroxyapatite mineral

KARMICARE Biorhythmic Oral Hygiene Set (fluoride free, nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste)

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Whiten + Renew

  • Flourish your oral flora, eliminate inflammation, and stop bleeding gums
  • Safe for children. Safe to swallow. Safe to leave on.
  • Nano HAp is biocompatible. The body accepts it.
Here’s why you should start using hydroxyapatite toothpaste

Swap Fluoride for Hydroxyapatite



  • Ever wondered why babies can’t use adult toothpaste?
  • And why even adults are supposed to use ‘a pea-sized amount’?
  • Not only is it harmful, fluoride disrupts melatonin production, which affects your sleep.
Here’s why you should stop using fluoride toothpaste

There’s no fluoride in our Awake or Asleep toothpaste. Nor will there ever be

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