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Harmony for
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Every evening.


Feel more awake. Brighten your smile. Protect your teeth.

KARMICARE Awake Morning Toothpaste


Purify and remineralise. Soothe your system for deeper sleep.

KARMICARE Asleep Evening Toothpaste
European Union Global Strategy Cruelty Free (International) Cosmetics Europe (the personal care association)

World's First
Biorhythmic Toothpaste Kit

An oral healthcare product designed to set and reset your day.

Without Nasty Fluoride

We help you remineralize with Nano HAp technology. (Just like NASA)

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KARMICARE Awake Morning Toothpaste

Start your day the zesty way

Experience the zest of life with Awake toothpaste. Guarana sharpens your mind. Lime and mint refresh your senses. Minerals strengthen and protect
your teeth all day.

KARMICARE Asleep Evening Toothpaste

Soothe your mind, your body and your soul

Wind down and sweeten your dreams with Asleep toothpaste. Charcoal and clay clean away the day, detoxify and remineralise. Valerian, orange and cinnamon soothe your system for sleep.

Why switch to KARMICARE

Biorhythmic Toothpaste Kit

Consciously designed for busy lives

Airless bottle prevents contamination

Pump system delivers the right amount for brushing

Designed so every drop is used, reducing waste

60ml (2 x 30ml) lasts 2 months exactly

Fits in any wash bag, in travel-friendly sizes


In sync with you - 24/7

Fluoride-free. Only ingredients used to support your overall health:

Nano Hydroxyapatite – Enamel remineralization and relieve of tooth sensitivity pain

Active ingredients for natural whitening and gentle polishing teeth without harm

Xylitol that protects against decay and prevents cavities

Coconut water for antibacterial properties

Clay to gently remove plaque

Why brushing your teeth biorhythmically matters

We believe that the moments after you awake and the moments before you sleep can determine the quality of your life.

This is why we’ve formulated a biorhythmic toothpaste that brings harmony to your mouth and mind at these crucial minutes.

Did you know - 2 minutes of brushing every day is 24-hours a year? This gives you a real opportunity to turn a mindless routine into a mindful ritual that elevates your entire being. After trying it ourselves, the results have been mind blowing.

Now we’d love for you to join us on this reality-bending adventure.

KARMICARE Awake Morning Toothpaste
KARMICARE Asleep Evening Toothpaste

Biorhythmic toothpaste kit Be the first in the world to try it. Stay synced. Launching soon. Would you try it? Vote ‘yes, mmmm or no’ on the floating form to have your say and be the first to try it out.